360 Booth

Attention Grabbing Videos

With our 360 photo booth rental guest stand on the platform as a 4k GoPro camera mounted with a high powered ring light rotates around creating a true 360 degree slow motion music video. Our 360 software allows us to create a stunning video using various preset effects. We will work with you to customize an overlay for the 360 slow motion video and will add a music track to your liking to create an awesome 360 video.

Instant sharing

Guest would then be able to get their video instantaneously via QR code, text message or email they can then upload their video’s to Instagram, TikTok, Facebook or various other social media sites. Setting up the 360 photo booth is relatively simple. It  includes a platform and a rotational arm, a high-quality 4k camera, and a computer to manage the system.

Event booster

The 360 photo booths can add a fun and immersive element to any event or business, providing endless entertainment and engagement for guests. If you want to elevate the enjoyment and immersion of your next event or business venture, consider renting our 360 photo booth.

360 Booth Features