Selfies all day

Selfies all day! A GIF stand delivered to your door!

Selfie Booth is a super portable, battery-powered photo booth that creates fun GIFs and digital photos. It goes everywhere you do. It is perfect for weddings and weekend parties. Have it at the hotel when you get ready, put it on the lawn after the ceremony, move it to the deck while you eat canapés, then set it up for the reception. It’s yours for the whole day!

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All Gif's

Make all the GIFs you want for the whole day. You take it, we loop it. Guests email it. We save them in the gallery.


All pictures

Digital photos that can be sent directly to your guests’ phones. Take as many as you want… no environmental damage here.

GIF gallery

You won’t miss a thing. Every (every) photos will be uploaded to your personal gallery for you (and your guests) to view after the event!

Selfie Booth includes:


Delivery to your door

We deliver the Selfie Booth via our Ford Booth Connect. We'll set it up at your venue and pick it up when you're done


Contactless Sharing

The fast and safe way to share.


Take it with you everywhere.

Pick it up and go! With optional battery, you can take it inside, outside, day, night.


GIF's all day

Make all the GIFs and digital images you want for all day and share them on your phone.


Customize it

We customize digital images and GIFs. Add digital props and change backgrounds via AI background removal.


Surveys and data collection

Ask your guests custom questions and you can export a spreadsheet with all the answers at the end of the event.


Does Selfie Booth Print?
Selfie Booth is completely digital. Photos and GIFs can be shared directly from the stand. Everything is uploaded to an online gallery.

How do we/guests get the photos?
Guests email themselves or scan QR code from the stand. In addition, everything is uploaded to a private gallery.

Can we move it from place to place during the day?
Yes you can. But we recommend that it stays where we sat.

Can we customize the images/GIFs?
Of course. We give you some design options to choose from that you can customize with your details.

Are you only renting for one day?
We are currently offering Selfie Booth for one day hire. But get in touch if you have something else in mind.

Do you provide backdrops and props with Selfie Booth?
No. We think the fun of the Selfie Booth is using whatever is around. Use a wall on site or put it on the lawn after the ceremony. Personalize it by bringing props that reflect who you are.

Who takes the pictures?
You and your guests do. It is touch screen operated and very simple to use.

Can we put it on the grass/lawn?
You bet. You can put it on just about any surface.

Is internet included?
Yes. It’s all self contained (subject to being in a coverage area).

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